Product Information

PolarClad Tank Insulation is a thermal barrier of external panels consisting of a three inch thick sheet of rigid polystyrene foam with a durable skin of aluminum or stainless steel. The aluminum skin is available in different colors. The unique measuring system and workshop conversion technique employed by PolarClad’s skilled technicians enable the pre-cutting and pre-shaping of panels to the precise shape and curvature of every individual tank. All of our materials are locally sourced and pre-fabricated in California, not brought in from other countries.

PolarClad Tank Insulation provides:

  • A stable internal tank wine temperature
  • A shield that reflects and dissipates ambient heat
  • 96.5% reduction of ambient thermal energy
  • A R-12 Thermal Barrier
  • A shell resistant to weather, birds and pests

Each set of panels is quickly assembled on site to the exact form-fitting “body suit” for each tank. Panels are then joined together by rivets. Our installation crew is trained to work around the most challenging set-ups such as multiple pipes or tanks in close proximity to other tanks and walls. The entire installation process is very clean and quick and has such negligible impact on winery operations that some wineries have even chosen to install PolarClad during harvest and crush.



PolarClad Commitment to Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability:

Since our inception PolarClad has been dedicated to conducting business with integrity, caring for our communities and respecting our environment.  Through sustainability initiatives, PolarClad strives to be a responsible steward of the environment providing our valuable customers with practical sustainable solutions.

  • Energy Star Approved Insulation
  • Locally Sourced Raw Products
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • All Products 100% Recyclable
  • Process Waste Stream 100% Recycled
  • Can Contribute to LEED Credits
  • Free of HCFC’s, Dyes, and Formaldehydes