At a ceremony at LangeTwins Winery on April 15, Randall Lange, President of LangeTwins Winery & Vineyards, was presented with a check for $968,137 from PG&E. This sum represented the total rebate to which the winery was entitled after the various qualifying energy saving projects which LangeTwins had completed recently.

The ceremony was attended by over 60 invitees from the wine industry, the Wine Institute of California, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) and PG&E.

“California wineries are demonstrating real leadership in the fight against global climate change” said Janice Berman, PG&E senior director of customer energy efficiency.

Randall Lange affirmed his winery’s commitment to being in the forefront of the wine industry’s sustainable practices. The total energy savings program had included wine tank insulation, solar energy and high efficiency lighting.

One of the largest (and certainly most visible) parts of the whole project were the 48 PolarClad insulated wine tanks which could be seen from miles away and which represented between a quarter and a third of the rebate. About his PolarClad-insulated tanks, Mr. Lange said “insulating wine tanks is a must do and essential to any winery that is serious about energy efficiency”. He referred also to the esthetic reward in addition to the financial one – as PolarClad had supplied a specially ordered sandstone shade of aluminum cladding to blend in with the rural landscape and surrounding buildings. “I just love the look of these tanks” added Lange.

He pointed out that, besides the cost rebate from PG&E, the 90% energy savings the tanks contributed made them one of the fastest sources of investment payback – as little as 2-3 years.

The PolarClad company is located in Santa Rosa, CA, and in the past 5 years has insulated over 1750 wine tanks for 75 wineries, with an estimated total energy savings of 28,778,000 kWh.  Enquiries to Royden Keeley, General Manager at  and (707) 577-7826.