Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to install PolarClad?

It depends on the tank volume. For example: Up to three 10,000 gallon tanks can be clad per day. For 60,000 gallon tanks, it usually takes one day to clad each tank.

What maintenance is required after installation?

The cladding is virtually maintenance free once installed. We normally recommend washing the cladding with soapy water every 6 months to prevent build up of weathering effects such as mold or staining.  The caulking should also be checked for shrinking every three months.

Of course, running into the tank with a forklift may necessitate some further maintenance…

What is the expected life span of Polarclad Tank Insulation?

With correct maintenance, indefinite. We believe the cladding can last as long as the tank itself. Because this technology is relatively young, hard data regarding longevity is limited. We do, however, know that the earliest installations from 1984 are still going strong today.

Will the installations interfere with my current operations?

Installation will not interfere with your current operations. In fact, we have often installed cladding during wineries busiest times such as harvest. The installations are performed with minimal disruption.

How do I apply for energy rebates?

Our sales team works closely with local PG&E representatives to facilitate any and all paperwork associated with your rebate application. Learn more

How fast can I expect the rebates to be paid?

Rebates are normally granted in as little as four to six weeks.